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23Apr 2015

Ever built a house? Then you know how critical it is to lay the foundation, and to lay it right. Research is arguably the second most critical step in the development of a veterinary medical illustration. Once the plans are made, research is the foundation of the final artwork that will provide stability to the […]

09Apr 2015

We’re on to the next step in the creation of a veterinary medical illustration – the consultation. Let’s begin the conversation! Somewhere, there bubbles forth a great idea. The light bulb goes off, and you’re ready to go! Seriously? I wish it were always like that. Sometimes, you have an organized plan. But usually, you […]

17Mar 2015

Dr. Anna O’Brien, veterinarian, writer, and author of Vetwrite, interviews Dr. Sawchyn and highlights veterinary medical illustration in the Monday March 16, 2015 article, “Illuminating the Art of Medical Illustration.” Vetwrite explores the creativity, literature, and art produced by those within the veterinary industry.